• Lesbian couple win adoption case in Spain
  • Gay.com, 2004-02-18
A lesbian has won the right to adopt her partner's twins, after a Spanish court ruled for the first time in favour of same-sex co-parenting.

The woman won her battle to be legally recognised as the children's mother along with her partner, who gave birth to the one year old children.

It is the first time Spanish courts have heard such a case although the Basque county and Navarre region in which it was heard does allow same-sex couples to adopt children together.

Lawyers for the couple welcomed the ruling yesterday, telling local press that they see the ruling as "the start and I hope it will go further".

They added that the case had progresses slower than it would had the couple been heterosexual, although the result of this was that the ruling could not be appealed and was permanent.

The ruling was also celebrated by Basque county's gay rights group EHGAM, which told Spanish news agencies that the case yielded an "historic decision".

The Basque Government passed a law allowing adoption for "common-law" couples last year, although this is currently under re-consideration after the Spanish Council of Ministers filed an appeal.